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dog bed- My Health First

Paw-Shaped Dog Bed

$26.99 USD$65.99 USD
Very comfortable large dog bed: Ideal for animals who like to curl up! This new foot-shaped dog bed offers support for the head and neck and its super soft interior...
Cat Tunnel - My health First

Large Cat Tunnel

$49.99 USD$42.99 USD
The cat tunnel, with its new design, is a mix between a cat tunnel and a cat bed for more fun and comfort. Our cat tunnel is ideal for rest...
Detachable and Washable Dog Bed

Detachable and Washable Dog Bed

$37.49 USD$54.99 USD
Protect your furniture with our new dog bed. Our dog bed is waterproof - Equipped with a waterproof inner lining (the outer cover is NOT waterproof). The raised edge provides...
Cat bed - My health First

Winter Self-Warming Cat Bed Cave

$33.49 USD$44.29 USD
Our cat bed is the cutest cave for pets to keep them warm and safe for the coming cold weather! Our Cat bed is made of high quality cotton and...